... was created by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still in 1874. It is a holistic treatment method, in which the interaction of the various body systems (parietal, cranial, visceral) are recognized and integrated in the treatment. In this way the body's inherent healing capacity can be supported.

Osteopathic treatments can be benefitial for

  1. -musculoskeletal problems (e.g. back, neck, knee problems or dysfunction of the mandibular).

  1. -chronic headaches.

- discomfort during pregnancy (e.g.                 
   back or pelvis pain).

A treatment lasts about 50 minutes. The amount of sessions required depends on the individual needs.


The costs for osteopathic treatments are fully or partly covered by some private or additional health insurances (e.g. „Heilpraktikerzusatzversicherung“). For further information please contact your insurance company.

A treatment costs 80,- Euro.


phone:     0163 960 6040

email: hagelenhart“at“gmail.com

Please note that the effectiveness of osteopathy is not scientifically fully proven.

The diagnostic and therapeutic methods do not promise cure.

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